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Mill Rat
04-11-2009, 09:46 PM
Finally back to this site after a week in Dublin followed by a week of scrambling to catch up at work.

Craft brewing continues to make headway in Ireland, and nowhere is it more in evidence than at a pub called the Bull & Castle in Dublin. If you are interested in craft beer and will travel to Ireland, kiss off the Blarney Stone and head for the Bull & Castle instead.

The B&C recently converted a 1st floor (2nd floor to Americans) meeting room into a german-style beer hall. They have 5 Irish craft-brewed beers on tap at all times, plus several other taps of both foreign craft beers, plus a the usual Guinness, Heineken, Bud, etc., that pervade the isle. They also have an extensive bottled beer list. The B&C bills itself as a "gastropub," so the food is also quite nice, taking a typical irish pub menu and showing how good it can be with high quality ingredients cooked with care and respect.

I met a couple of the managers of the B&C ,and they are absolutely enthusiastic about craft beer. This venue is poised to only get better. Two years ago I would have pegged the B&C as a second-tier beer tourist destination, after a couple of the local brewpubs. This year they claimed the #1 spot.

To find it: Go to Christchurch Cathedral. Go due east, cross the street, walk in the front door.

04-24-2009, 07:39 AM
Thanks for the beers.