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08-22-2010, 02:30 PM


The past week in England has been filled with traveling to breweries, pubs, and home brew clubs. At each place that I traveled, I was welcomed by friendly brewers and beer lovers alike. Itís now been just under a month since my departure from the States on my solo trip around the world for a year studying beer, but Iíve found it quite easy to talk to complete strangers. Beer is truly one of the great catalysts of the world, and Iím having a blast discovering its cultural and societal background.

Last weekend, I was biking in the Eastern English Midlands around the Peterborough area. I liked the region because it had nice, flat plains, which made my biking a bit easier. The first destination on my list was Elgoodís Ales, located in Wisbech.

Open Fermentation is regular at Elgood's Ales.
The brewery dates back to 1795 and is now owned by the fifth generation of the Elgood family. I was given a nice long tour by master brewer Alan Pateman, where I learned many unique aspects about the brewery.

Though there are many breweries in Europe that date back more than a century, Elgoodís is one of the remaining few that still uses traditional brewing methods and techniques, giving the beer a greater sense of historical significance.

The Tasting Room at Elgood's.
After the tour, Alan and I sampled all of the beers from their tasting room! I got to try several of their year-round beers, some seasonals, and a secret imperial stout that they are working on, which has yet to be released. It was quite delicious. As I was staying with Alan and his family that evening, he made the right decision calling his wife to pick us up from the brewery.

Will Neaverson in front of his Mash Tun.
After Elgoodís, I only had to travel about six miles to a town just outside of Wisbech to discover a newly constructed brewery in a remodelled agricultural barn.
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