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06-29-2012, 10:11 AM
Best job opportunity ever? Beer Academy trains official beer tasters at Welsh brewery

It has been billed as the best job opportunity ever - Official Beer Taster! In December of last year, Evan-Evans started the search for a group of beer tasters to help the award-winning brewery with the development of its new beer range for the summer of 2012.

The company received more than 250 applications for what was described as the best job in brewing. The first 25 successful tasters met last month for a training session headed by Evan-Evans brewery Chief Executive Simon Buckley and Ian Swanson of The Beer Academy.

Now, tomorrow (June 9), a second batch of tasters are to be put through their paces on a specially-designed beer tasting course. The course, being held at The Cricketers in Cathedral Road, Cardiff, will cover a variety of topics and include the tasting of a series of beer styles and the skills required to become a professional beer taster. The course culminates in an exam and a final tasting session at the bar of The Cricketers, the top food pub in Wales.

Mr Buckley said: "This will be the second training session for our new beer tasters. Once it is complete, we can get down to the serious work of brand building with their help. On the first training course, it was a delight to see so many genuinely enthusiastic tasters determined to grasp the complex subject of beer production and the intricate flavours we produce. "We can now move forward with our plans for the development of new cask and bottled beers, knowing that the tasters will give us their considered opinions.

"We are the only brewery in Wales and probably in the UK to have our own tasting team and we feel confident that with the feedback from the tasters we will continue our expansion as a major drinks brand company. We hope to launch a new range of cask beers in July and follow that with a new range of bottle beers for the autumn.
"I am grateful to the tasters for coming to the training and to The Beer Academy for their help."

Press release issued on behalf of the Evan-Evans Brewery by Robert Lloyd
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06-29-2012, 07:40 PM
Can I just apply to drink the test beers? It's ok if they don't hire me, but at least I'll get to try them!