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12-06-2004, 07:08 AM
Well, the wife and I just returned form our whirlwind 3 day trip to London. Saw some wondefull sights, took some very strange tours and visited 21 pubs.

We wrote down all the beers we tried, but off hand the favorites were Spitfire, a Sam Smith Cider (not a beer, take it easy) and something called "Tea". Biggest dissapointment: Old Speckled Hen.

Thanks for all the recommendations posted earlier. What I did was mark up a A-Z book with some walking tours and highly rated pubs (from the web). As we strolled, we wandered off the path to a pub. It was a great way to see much more than the main areas, forcing us into alleys and back streets.

12-06-2004, 08:43 AM
Sounds like a great trip.

Did you take some digital pics that you can share with us?

What were the cost of beers compared to where you live?

12-06-2004, 11:36 AM
Glad you had a great time. I love London and it's pubs. I'd like to see the list of what and where you drank. The Shepherd Neam Sptfire was always good. The Speckled Hen is decent but If I'm going to drink a Green King product it will usually be Abbot Ale. I did have one pub very near my hotel on one of my last trips that only had Speckled Hen on cask. We had a few there one evening because there was a batchelorette party going on in the pub and the eye candy was very good. I usually keep a list of what and where I drink when in the UK. Not necessarily notes just a record. And I only drink Cask, Real Ale if i can at all help it. What was your favorite pub?

12-06-2004, 02:41 PM
We kept a list of pubs and the drinks from each. I'll post the list when I can decipher it. We also took pictures of every pub, some didn't turn out to well and some are on the old fashioned camera. Drank cask every place except for a really bad place some friends took us to (trendy,loud, all lagers).

Favorite Pubs (until I look through pictures again): Uxbridge Arms and the Hand and Shear. Not necessarily the best pints, but great atmosphere, nothing like here in the states.

12-07-2004, 08:39 AM
I've had good and bad OSH. When it's, good it's far better than Abbot Ale (I've tasted them side-by-side).

12-09-2004, 06:48 AM
OK Here's the list:
(It's great to have a wife that says on Thursday morning, "OK so we need to have a goal, how about 20 pubs.")

The Round Table: Pride, Deuchars IPA (Great way to start!)
Garrick Arms: Green Man IPA
Two Chairman: Fuller’s Jack Frost, Fullers Ale
The Speaker’s Chair: Nethergate Augustinian, Young’s Bitter
Citie of York: Sam Smith Bitter, SS Cider Reserve
Ye Old Mitre Pub: Adnams Bitter, Broadside
Fox and Anchor: Adnams Bitter
Sutton Arms: Pride
The Hand and Shears: Theakson Bitter, Courage Director’s
Blackfriar: TT Landlord, Caledonian Santa’s Little Helper
The Kings Arms Adnams Bitter, Broadside
Punch and Judy: Kronenborg (Horrible, horrible place! Dragged by local friends)
The Opera Tavern: Harvey’s Best
Cock and Bottle: Hogs Back T.E.A.
Uxbridge Arms: Youngs or Pride
Ye Grapes: TT Landlord, Broadside
Shepherds Tavern: Pride
Coach and Horses: Pride, Broadside
The Page: Pride, John Smith’s Bitter
Prince of Wales: Old Speckled Hen, Spitfire
Tasco Supermarket: Bottle of Spitfire

Only 20 as it turns out and yes I am in deep withdrawl.
We also took pictures of all the pubs, not savy enough to figure out how to publish.

12-09-2004, 10:31 AM
Wow 20 pubs! Impressive list!
Soooo.... Where did you go the SECOND day? :D
(I'm green with envy!)

12-09-2004, 11:01 AM
Welcome to the board Goon. I too am envious. I have one of my previous lists here at the office but not the most recent trip. Here it is:

Shepherd Neame Spitfire Hand and Flower
Everard's Tiger Best Bitter Hand and Flower
Gales HSB GBBF Olympia
Higate Dark Mild GBBF Olympia
Glastonbury Mystery Tor GBBF Olympia
Timothy Taylor Landlord GBBF Olympia
Woodfordes Wherry Best Bitter GBBF Olympia
Hook Norton Best Bitter GBBF Olympia
Titanic Mild GBBF Olympia
Ridley's IPA GBBF Olympia
Marston's Pedigree GBBF Olympia
Vale Black Swan Dark Mild GBBF Olympia
Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted GBBF Olympia 2003 Best of Show Scotland
Greene King 1799 Bicentennial Ale GBBF Olympia
Coniston Bluebird GBBF Olympia
Schlenkerla Rauch Maerzen GBBF Olympia Germany
Olde Trip Ale GBBF Olympia
Caledonian Deucher's IPA GBBF Olympia 2002 Best of Show Scotland
Badger Fursty Ferret GBBF Olympia
Caines Triple Hop GBBF Olympia
Boat Brewery Lockys Liquor Locker GBBF Olympia
Harvey's Sussex XX Mild Ale GBBF Olympia
Holden's Black Country Bitter GBBF Olympia
Crouch Vale Brewers Gold GBBF Olympia Silver Award Winner
Wadworth 6X GBBF Olympia
Hobson's Hop Garden Gold GBBF Olympia
Salamander Mudpuppy GBBF Olympia
Young's Special GBBF Olympia
Ceylon Lion Stout GBBF Olympia Bottled Sri Lanka
Hopdaemon Skrimshander IPA GBBF Olympia
Bridge of Allan Lomond Gold GBBF Olympia Scotland
Black Sheep Emmerdale GBBF Olympia
Fuller's 1845 GBBF Olympia Bottled
Greene King IPA Paxton's Head Knightsbridge
Hampshire Gold Reserve GBBF Olympia
Old Mill Traditional Mild GBBF Olympia
Highwood Tom Woods Shepherd's Delight GBBF Olympia
Greene King XX Mild GBBF Olympia
Charles Wells Banana Bread Beer GBBF Olympia
Adnam's Best Bitter GBBF Olympia
Bateman's Dark Mild GBBF Olympia
Everard's Beacon Bitter GBBF Olympia
Courage Director's Bitter Goat Kensington
Murphy's Stout Fox and Hendersons Nitro Kensington
Young's Special Duke of Wellington Portebello road
Fuller's London Pride Churchill Arms 1999 Best Pub Notting Hill / Kensington
St. Austell Black Prince GBBF Olympia
Lidstone' s Rowley Mild GBBF Olympia
Green Tye Union Jack GBBF Olympia
Organic Black Rock GBBF Olympia
Hexhampshire Devil's Elbow GBBF Olympia
Beaver Bitter GBBF Olympia
Ridley's Rumpus GBBF Olympia
Thwaites Best Mild GBBF Olympia
Fuller's ESB GBBF Olympia
Marston's Bitter GBBF Olympia
Fuller's London Pride Elephant and Castle Kensington
Old Speckled Hen Prince of Wales Kensington
Caledonian 80/ William Wallace Marleborne (Scotland)
Adnam's Best Bitter Duke of York Oxford Street
Samuel Smith's Old Brewery Bitter Lyceum Tavern Strand
Shepherd Neame Master Brew Freemasons Arms Covent Garden
Sweet William Brewery William the Conquorer The Cross Key Covent Garden
Greene King IPA Marquis of Granby Soho
Palmer Brewery Dorset Gold Marquis of Granby Soho
Smiles Bristol IPA Britania Great Pub Kensington
Fuller's London Pride The Coal House Strand
McMullen AK Nag's Head Covent Garden
Country Best Bitter Nag's Head Covent Garden
Timothy Taylor Landlord White Lion Covent Garden
Timothy Taylor Landlord Pontefract Castle Marleborne
Greene King IPA Cock and Lion Marleborne
Brakspears Bitter Westminster Arms Westminster
Bateman's Summer Swallow Two Chairmen Great Pub Westminster
Theakston's Old Peculiar Adam and Eve Westminster / Victoria
Young's Bitter Buckingham Arms Great Pub Westminster / Victoria
Abbot Ale The Colonies Westminster / Victoria
Shepherd Neame Best Bitter Cask and Glass Westminster / Victoria
Fuller's London Pride Bag O Nails Victoria
Exe Valley Weatherspoons Victoria
Brain's SA Weatherspoons Victoria (Wales)

Richard English
12-09-2004, 03:45 PM
I had a pint of Young's Christmas Ale in the Buckingham Arms just today!

I always surprises me when these kinds of lists are published just how few pubs I recognise but, really, it shouldn't. Nobody is quite sure how many pubs there are in London but the best guess is around 5,500. Which means that, if you visited four different ones each day, you'd manage to get around them all in less than four years - providing you took no time off, of course. And once you've finished the pubs, you could then start on the bars and hotels. Hey, you'd probably manage to have drink in every place in London in no more than ten years!

And do you know, there are still some people who will try to tell you that London isn't the finest boozing city in the world?!

12-11-2004, 11:55 AM
Richard I'm afraid I don't believe you. You're just going to have to take me to all 5.5K pubs and prove it. ;)

12-11-2004, 12:42 PM
I'll join you if there is room. :D

Richard English
12-12-2004, 03:20 AM
Well, this week I'll be taking a trip around with a fellow enthusiast and we'll be trying out the
Nag's Head http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/show.shtml/3637/Nags_Head/Belgravia;
The Wilton Arms; http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/show.shtml/4507/Wilton_Arms/Belgravia;
The Grenadier http://www.beerintheevening.com/pubs/show.shtml/455/Grenadier/Belgravia and the
Star Tavern http://www.pubs.com/starsw1.htm.

Only another 5,996 to go!

12-12-2004, 03:23 AM
I really enjoyed the Star Tavern when I was in London, back in 1999. A Fuller's house, as I recall. And they were listed in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. And the beer was in great condition. I really think you'll enjoy it there, Richard.

Richard English
12-12-2004, 03:52 AM
In fact, I have drunk at all these pubs - but we feel it's important to ensure that they continue to maintain their standards :-)

12-12-2004, 11:57 AM
"Good day, I'm Richard...self-appointed London pub quality assurance auditor; I'll be sampling your pints today" ;)

12-15-2004, 08:51 AM
I'm sure that it would be possible to get free beer at every pub if you had something IDing you as a writer for the Good Pub Guide or the Good Beer Guide! I don't think that's actually illegal, although it is morally questionable.

Have you tried Young's Christmas Pudding, Richard? I had a pint of Christmas Ale a couple of days ago and quite enjoyed it. Far better than their Winter Warmer.

Richard English
12-15-2004, 11:31 AM
Christmas Pudding (in bottle) I had last year. But Young's Christmas puddings I have not yet tried - yet.

Earlier this year I, Kalleh, her husband and some serious drinking friends went on a Young's brewery tour and, in the shop, they had Young's Christmas puddings for sale. So I bought one and will have a slice or two of it on Christmas day.

For US readers who have never eaten Christmas pudding or, (shock horror) don't even know what Christmas pudding is, there is an article here http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/3550/30325 written by an English lady now living in Montana.

So why not try some? As is the case with good beer you'll find that Christmas pudding is worth a try.

12-15-2004, 12:18 PM
We drove right past the Young's Brewery on our way in from the airport. Just like Edinburgh, I couldn't persuade my wife to stop.

Christmas puddings are quite nice, just don't look at the ingredients and calories!

Richard English
12-15-2004, 04:54 PM
Quote "...We drove right past the Young's Brewery on our way in from the airport..."

You obviously went the pretty way! You wouldn't usually go past Young's from either Gatwick or Heathrow on the direct route. Fuller's, maybe, from Heathrow, but Young's is in Wandsworth and wouldn't normally be en route.

12-15-2004, 05:50 PM
I guess I have always taken the ugly way through Chiswicke. LOL.

12-16-2004, 07:06 AM
OOPS! Fullers it was. I thought I saw a ram.