View Full Version : Distribution Woes

09-02-2005, 10:29 PM
As if getting good beer in Louisiana isnt hard enough, one of the guys at my local beer store told me I better get the good stuff while I can. His distributor is/was in NOLA. :( We figure it would be months before the distributor got back on line, if ever. It will probably depend on the re-growth of restaurants there. I wonder if others will see a business opportunity...doubt it.

So I stocked up: Some Bluebird Bitter's, a few BCA Ivanhoe's, one each of the Rocheforts, a Butty Bach, Dorothy Goodbody's Hour Glass, O'Hanlons rye, some Corsendonk Pale Ale, some EKU pils, some Einbecker Ur-bock. Will probably go back soon and load up again.

I wonder how the Abita Brewery is?

Piss on you Katrina.