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Thread: Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti

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    Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti

    I'm not much for detailed note taking, but I'll just say that I found Oak Aged Yeti to be the most intense beer-drinking experience I've ever encountered.

    (Well, taste-wise anyway. There was that time in my youth that me and four buddies tried to shotgun a whole case of mega-swill tallboys in five minutes. But that's a story for some other thread.)

    Anyway- if you love stout and want to see how far the style can go, I highly recommend this beer. But beware- if the high abv doesn't get to you, the strong oakey-vanilla background to the beast of a beer will.

    Oh, and if you live near a Flying Saucer, you might just stumble onto this one on draft.
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    Or if you live just 55 miles from the brewery...

    Got a bottle of it in the beer fridge just waiting for a good cold snowy night. Will advise when/if I see the Abominable Snowman...
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    ... or if you visit the Taphouse Grill in Seattle ...

    Loved Yeti! I got my 2nd pint free because the keg blew out right at the end. Good thing too, for I didn't need anymore.
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    Yeah, great stuff. And yes the abv will sneak up on you.

    One of my favorites for sure.

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