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Thread: Dogfishhead 120 minute IPA

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    Originally posted by n0rmann
    Actually, I'm wrong. It is the IBUs.
    Well, you're not entirely wrong-

    From Calagione's "Brewing Up a Business":-

    "The time referenced in the names refer to how long the beer boils and how long we continually hop the beer. It also alludes to the alcohol content and IBU's in each beer as well."

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    I am in Minnesota, but My wife has family in Madison, WI and I see there is a Liquor store there that has it, next time we go through.

    Although it seems there are a few people looking to trade for New Glarus beers (Which are only distributed in Wisconsin). I can get that with a 30 minute drive to Hudson.

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    I did a lil tasting at the house last Friday.
    120 min - Liked the taste, but man was the alcohol evident
    90 min - Enjoyed it as much, was a bit more mellow than 120
    60 min - I wish they had it on tap at my local. Very easy drinking and enjoyable

    I saved a bottle of last yrs. 120. It will be interesting to see how it aged...

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    I've not tried anything by Dogfish Head, but I've heard of it. I need to look around in my area to see if anyone caries it or can order it.

    Batch #8 that went into the primary this weekend is a variant of a recipe that is supposedly similar to the 60. That's probably the one I'd buy first, if only to compare ours to it. The 90 and 120 sound interesting (and intense?) tho, something to try if I can find it.
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