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Thread: Sam Adams 2007 Utopias

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    Sam Adams 2007 Utopias

    I was the lucky recipient of a 2007 Utopias this Christmas. I thought it would be a great way to ring in the New Year, but I was wondering how long it will last once opened? I suspect it's subject to oxidizing like any other beer, but at 26% ABV, perhaps less?

    Any ideas how long before I need to finish it, once opened?

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    after opening and having your first sip you must immediately ship it to me.

    actually, store it just like any other liquor you have... keeping it room temp in a cabinet and out of sunlight is just fine.

    that's the advice I got directly from a rep at Sam Adams when asking the same question.

    my bottle is on it's way to add to the collection between my friend and I of all three releases. Bought it from an SA employee... shhhh!
    I suffer from Cenosillicaphobia- the fear of an empty glass!

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    Alright, it's post New Years. How was it?
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    All equipment packed and in the process of moving. Hope to start brewing in late February.

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    I'm awaiting my "free" $7 Utopias glass so I can properly enjoy it.

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