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Thread: Warning: Change is coming

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    Jun 2006
    You guys are good. Quite a few of other boards I'm on got messed up for days when they tried to update them. And to think, you all were likely drinking when you did this.
    As a matter of fact, I do have a good reason for smelling like a brewery.

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    May 2007
    I check out for a couple of days, come back and all the furniture is rearranged. Now I will have to surf the forums a few times without drinking any beer to get reaquainted. Easy Day.
    Calm seas do not make skillfull Sailors.

    Primary: Clean and Sanitized Carboys
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    Tap2: Dry
    Tap3: Dry
    Tap4: Dry

    All equipment packed and in the process of moving. Hope to start brewing in late February.

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    I've seen some forum software verions that have a Low-fi version just for that. No smilies, pictures, images, etc.
    You can turn those things on and off in most browsers - no special forum adjustments needed.
    They say you must take the bitter with the sweet - I say I'll take my bitter by the pint!

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    On tap: Hard Cider
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    In Primary: Mead (Raspberry)

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    I miss the red background...I thought it gave this board some class
    Noob & Mr. Beer Enthusiast

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