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Thread: Dark lord stout

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    Dark lord stout

    I would like to see if anyone would trade me so i can get a chance to try dark lord stout. You can see what beers i have at beeradvocate under stubone. Some of my better ones are Russian River beatification, Alesmith speedway stout, and Stone brewery Imperial stout. Let me know please-- allen

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    If I had one, I'd gladly take the Beatification or Speedway off your hands.

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    darklord is overated imo, it\s very good dont get me wrong but it just got a little chalky tastying at the end, it's been years since i had it but thats what i remember. and come on newport you know you can hit your old buddy HopJack up anytime for some westcoast gooddies bro !!! you dont even have to worry about what to send back, you know how we roll !
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