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Thread: Absinthe Hopless Ale or lager?

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    Hugh, check the tone of the conversation around here. We tend to give each other the benefit of the doubt when we post here, realizing that text doesn't sometimes carry the inflection that we'd give spoken text. There are other online fora that reward the snarky response and vicious put-down. This isn't one of those.

    As for judging versus "adventuring," they each have their place. I have both won competitions with beers that adhere to guidelines and brewed beers that colored well outside the lines, but folks found quite pleasant. There's a place for both here on this forum, and I'm certain that Beerking was as sincere in offering his advice as I have been. Insult him and you have insulted me. Welcome to the site, but check your verbal weapons at the door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Mun Beane
    I'll let you have the last word on that,"king". You've probably outsmarted all the patrons and habitue's on the left bank in Paris (turn of the century) and all the modern-day stumblebums who only find it fashionable because 'Absinthe" sounds so nostalgic.
    Who would have thought that a national beer judge would have all the answers?
    Your answers were absolutely uncalled for and unwarranted. We do respect each others opinions in this forum but should you disagree it is fine to state that you feel otherwise. However it can be done in a less malicious manner then you have chosen. This is a pretty laid back group of folks here with plenty of knowledge to share and it can be done without flame wars or personal attacks. If you read through these boards you will find that the mods and especially the members work extra hard to keep it that way.

    I will also add that once you post in these forums it is open to comment from any and all members provided they too are within the rules and etiquette for the forum. If you do not wish for someone to comment on your post then I would suggest you take the conversation to PM or refrain from posting.
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