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Thread: What beer were you unable to finish drinking?

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    May 2011
    Red Nun, local red ale of Norfolk Virginia, interesting flavor....for about half a sip. Then it just became a game of quaff the crap.

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    This may cause all sorts of chaos, but I was unable to finish Three Philosopher's Tripel. I just don't think the style is for me.

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    My new Belgian Double. I tried the first glass last night. I'm hoping that it's because I've got a cold and everything tastes strange right now. Nothing pisses me off as much a dumping 5 gallons of homebrew down the drain.
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    Oh man baacktober I hope you don't have to!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The collector
    Arsenal- sweet water brewing co has a pretty good blueberry beer you could try if that experience didn't ruin you on the idea of it...
    Nah, I'm not going to let a bad beer do that to me. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out sweet water and see how it is....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbeef
    This may cause all sorts of chaos, but I was unable to finish Three Philosopher's Tripel. I just don't think the style is for me.
    A few years ago I would have hated it. The more different beers I try the more I'm surprised the flavors I used to find repulsive are now welcome. Try it again (or a similar style) in the future and my guess is you'll be surprised.

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    A St. Peter's IPA. Ordinarily a rather nice brew, but this sat out on a grocer's shelf in full fluorescent light for months. IPA = Insane Polecat Ale? Had to take it back. The place is a very nice local family-owned grocer that has recently discovered the benefits of letting the craft beer take over 16 feet of shelf space. Hope the feedback from this mishap helps them avoid such catastrophes in the future.
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