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    Quote Originally Posted by steveh
    To Hogie's point, there is something nice and satisfying about a good, mellow Helles. It's not screaming for attention, but the rich malt flavor and soft mouth-feel just go down so easy. Every time I have a fresh one I have to wonder where the US macros got off track.S.
    Totally agree there! It is one of my favorite styles! A great "session lager!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by beerking
    Totally agree there! It is one of my favorite styles! A great "session lager!"
    During our trip to Germany last summer I noticed that pretty much everywhre we went we had the same basic selection of lagers:Keller(unfiltered), Pils, Helles and dunkle. There were a few others but that's 90% of what we drank(excluding hefe's). Sounds boring but within those plain-jane categories there's an amazing variety of flavors and textures that are different from brewery to brewery. And unlike our previous trip to Belgium, you could drink 6 or 8 of these and make it back to the room vertically. So this fall/winter brewing season I brewed a Pilsner (OG 1.055 I think) and a Marzen at around 1.062. We tapped the first Pilsner keg and it was gone in 10 days. I just tapped the first keg of Marzen and it's very good also, but I'm not entirely satisfied that I did it justice. It may need a little more hops at the 20 minute mark.
    I will tell you that from a homebrewing standpoint these beers are a lot more challenging than brewing a 10%, 90 IBU Imperial stout but I've found I'd much rather be drinking these "bland" lagers than anything else in the kegerator. Now my quest is to be able to brew these so I'll have them year round.
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