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Thread: Bud Light Lime

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    Bud Light Lime

    I ran across this review just in time to keep me from buying a case of it-just kidding. Still it's pretty funny.
    It's always time for a beer

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    Thanks for posting, Corky. That is ABSOLUTELY F'IN HILLARIOUS!

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    Very funny. We have added Bud Light Lime at the golf course. Funny, it is selling pretty well. So me, being the naive guy that I can be, decided I should try it after work last week. I took 3 sips. Mostly because I thought maybe my tongue was lying to me after the first 2.

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    "there hasn't been a worse use of bottles since people stopped saving samples of diarrhea"

    Quite possibly the funniest thing i've heard all month!!!
    It's easy to be a rockstar when the rest of the room is wearing helmets and drooling on themselves.

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    SWMBO and I laughed till we cried

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    It was nice to see that a person who saw(tasted) the light was not afraid to tell like it is.
    Olgethorpe is screening me!

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    i mean if i wanted a kool aid i would of ordred a kool aid..

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    Hilarious article.
    I killed a six-pack just to watch it die.

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    "t's like they engineered the lime without ever having access to one" -That one had me rolling on the floor, I really was not ready for how funny that post was. Really good. And yet, in the local grocery store I don't Think they can even get ride of this stuff! With the 10.99 12 racks places on every corner of every aisle. Ssshhhaammmmeee

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