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Thread: New Beer Rating Website

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    New Beer Rating Website

    A number of years ago a group of us working together started meeting for happy hour on Fridays to discuss projects and have a few beers. As many of these projects were all around the world, folks started bringing back "new" beers to try and eventually we started tracking our "ratings." Well, one of us suggested we put all this information on the web, and low-and-behold, I finally got the website up and running. It's just started and we're still debugging and making some changes, but we're having a lot of fun with it and would love to have anyone else out there that might be interested join us. It's called and it's free to join and submit ratings. We also do a Happy Hour Taste Competition every Friday (except the next 2 - Christmas and New Years). Our next competition will be on Jan. 8th.

    I've been browsing around this site and there are some great discussions that I'll soon be joining. What fun!!!

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    Good luck on your site.

    Is this your site? I took the liberty of posting the link.
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    There is one problem I have noted, and forwarded to the webmaster. Sierra Nevada's Summerfest is listed as an ale on the site, even though it is in fact a pilsner.

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    Thank you for your interest. In response to revans618, there is a group of us, the "Draught Board", who have been responsible for creating the site, but I suppose the job of running the website has fallen on my shoulders. Thank you for posting the link. We think we have a fun idea that others might be interested in joining. I sent a direct response to Scott and have corrected the entry. We started out compiling the information on a database, which we had converted into what you find on the site. Sorry for any mistakes, and if any others are found, we would love to hear about them.

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