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Thread: AHA Governing Committee voting

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    AHA Governing Committee voting


    Those of you who are AHA members, please consider taking a few moments to vote for the governing committee members.
    In particular, my good friend Tom Schmidlin is among those on the ballot this year. I think Tom would make a great addition to the governing committee.

    Tom's an avid home brewer, one of the founding members of WAHA, he's a BJCP National Judge, he won the
    2006 Wynkoop Beer Drinker of the Year award, and is a member of multiple brewclubs here in WA state (including Cascade Brewers Guild and Mt. Si). Tom has written articles for Zymurgy, too. Finally, Tom's dedication to home brewing can be best summarized by actions: He quit his job so that he could go back to school to get a phD in YEAST biology!! Now that's dedication to beer geekiness!

    Seriously, he's a great guy and extemely well qualified.



    (Tom DID NOT put me up to this)
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