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Thread: Temperature Control

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    You might wanna shop around about the fermentors... I found a place online that sell 5-20gal food grade pals with screw on tops (removable plastic o ring's around the top) for 5.99 for 5g...I think it's like 7.99 for the 7.5gal ones that I use. I prefer the tops because you don't need to pry the lids off like the "Ale Pail" one's, I just drilled a hole in the top of mine and use a airlock.

    Cost me less, and works better.

    I've gotta get to work but I'll post the link later.
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    Definitely post that link, I could always use another bucket. Hopefully I don't get killed with shipping.
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    ale pales

    I did some searching, and found prices slightly lower than ale pales, but not much lower, not screwcap lids, and shipping wasn't as good. I like the screwcap idea. Much easier, but those were generally more expensive. But I went ahead with the ale pales, partly because they are set up with the grommet, and I needed more grain and hops anyway (combine shipping)... I am sure they'll work OK. If I find something else that actually has the screwcap lid in the future, I'll try them.

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    I like the lids with no grommets better. A rubber stopper fits nice and tight with no danger of being pushed into the bucket.
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    Just an FYI but I did some research and discovered the #2 rated food grade plastic buckets for sale in most LHBS is the same #2 food grade rated buckets you will find in most hardware stores. My LHBS sells the 7 gallon bucket and lid for $16. I picked up my last bucket and lid for under $6 and drilled out the airlock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corkybstewart
    I like the lids with no grommets better. A rubber stopper fits nice and tight with no danger of being pushed into the bucket.
    I have both. On my list of things to do is drill the holes bigger on a few buckets and use rubber stoppers exclusively. And I can thieve those without taking the lid off.

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