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Thread: Ode to IPA: A "Brew-tiful" Poem

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    Ode to IPA: A "Brew-tiful" Poem

    This is a tale of transformation

    And should be read with exclamation

    For all those who love a beer with hops

    This is the tale of how skunk beer flopped

    And from its ashes rose a tasty ale

    that now from bar to bar regales

    So back to the 1700ís we travel

    Where British soldiers were about to unravel

    All the Brits wanted was some beer in their life

    while causing the Indians hardship and strife

    As they manned their posts in Calcutta & Bombay

    The delicious beer was spoiled on its 10,000 mile way

    For in those hard days of pre-refrigeration

    Brewers set to work to solve the situation

    George Hodgson of London was up to the task

    he invented a solution to ensure the bad taste was masked

    His weapons of choice where alcohol and hops

    Both added as astringents to make the funkiness stop

    The glorious result was a bitter, alocholic sip

    And alas! the brew was drinkable at the end of its long trip

    Eventually, breweries opened up in the East

    and modern refrigeration saved all the yeast

    India Pale Ales are now something to savor

    packed full of hops and hops for flavor

    From New York to Moscow , the East to the West

    IPAs are simply the best

    -by Gimme hops (Amanda P) 8/6/2010
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    that was very brewtiful...brought a tear to mine eye and thirst to mine throat.
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    While many of us prefer lager to ipa the latter seems more interesting so I for one hope to educate my pallet accordingly

    Herewith fwding link to our No. 2 Son whose pallet is far superior to mine in hopes for comment which I shall duly pass on

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    That is a fine piece of linguistic and literary frothy goodness!

    I can safely say that Apart from good real ale and the harder to find exceptional lagers I quaff with regular gusto the classic IPA is a true pleasure to drink. I prefer my home countries style of IPA over her American counterparts but prehaps my tastes are weighted with patriotic undertones.

    below is one of my regular tiples and also a real ale with a good set of shoulders on it also by the same brewer.

    Merry christmas all. L.L.
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    I was away from the computer when this was posted. Apparently Lord Lister and gimmehops were just passing by. Lord Lister if you're still out there I agree with you that I like the English IPA much better than our IPA's. And Old Speckled Hen is one of my favorite beers. I wish I didn't have to drive 150 miles to get one but when I travel I stock up on it.
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