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Thread: Siphon/Tubing/Racking Cane: Best way to store between batches?

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    Siphon/Tubing/Racking Cane: Best way to store between batches?

    I physically washed my racking cane, siphon, tubing, and bottling device, then sanitized inside and out, let them air dry.

    What's the best way to be sure they store without developing mold, mildew, or other critters?

    I just put everything back in my brewing kit box clean and dry.

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    You can cover the ends with plastic wrap. If they are dry, they shouldn;t mold. Mine never did. I keep my stuff in a clean room, uncovered, and just sanitize everything as I need it.
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    I just rinse them and then shake em off and put em away. Sanitize when I use them again and then repeat. About twice a year I soak them about 15 min. in oxyclean then rinse and put away. Mine seem to dry out in the bucket in about 24 hours.

    Side note: After getting tired of rooting through my equipment looking for what I need and forgetting to sanitize something when I need it at the moment of truth, I decided to devise a system to make this easier. I use homer buckets and marked them with a sharpie "brew", "bottling", and "kegging". Then I put what I need in them for each job. Now when brew day comes, I grab the right bucket and everything I need is in there. Bottling, same thing, etc. The kegging one is my newest addition since I just started kegging last winter. It has come in handy also when something, ie. a racking cane, breaks and there is a back up in another bucket.

    Edit: I suppose your procedure would vary depending on your quality of water. If you have good water, this would work for you. If your water's like CorkyB's (really hard desert water) you might need to store things dryer?
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    What i do, when i am done brewing, i rinse it with water, when i go do brew next, i put it in my fermentor which is a bucket, fill the bucket with star san solution, pump the racking cane to fill the hose with sanitizer, then leave it all sit till i am ready to use it, my bucket normally is filled with sanitizer at the start of the mash and left set till the end of the boil.
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    I rinse the equipment after each use, scrubbing or soaking it if need be, and let it dry. For the hoses, I have a garden hose hanger mounted on a basement wall. The hoses hang and dry quickly on it without kinking like they would if they were hanging on a nail.
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    I just loop all my hoses over a pair of hooks on the wall and let them drip dry. I have a bunch of picnic taps on 5' beerline. Those I open the faucet and swing the hose over my head like a lasso for a few minutes, then hang it by the keg connector and let it drip dry. Of course with 100F temps and no humidity things dry pretty fast around here with no much of a mold issue.
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