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Thread: Temperature Control

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    Temperature Control

    Hey everyone, just got myself a chest freezer, fridge, and temp controller for my home brewery. I'm not really sure what's going on, but I'm having trouble controlling the temp at higher levels now. The ambient temperature in my garage is around 50 F, and my storage devices will not raise above that. Is this due to the temperature in my garage, and secondly, if I put a fermentor in there, will it generate enough heat to enable the controller to turn on? Do I need to get a heat wrap? Trying to brew on any help before then would be great.

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    If you're trying to raise the temp you have to have something to add heat. The fermentation may do it for a day but something like a brewbelt is better.
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    I'd go with a fermwrap instead of a brewbelt. it distributes heat more evenly than the brewbelt, and it is fine for carboys. They don't recommend the brewbelt for carboys (I guess the more concentrated heat can crack the glass).


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