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Thread: Beers from year 1992

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    Question Beers from year 1992

    Hello all!

    I managed to find some belgian beers bought in year 1992. These beers have been inside a cupboard in room temperature since 1992. I still remember the trip to Belgium with my parents when I was a young boy.

    The beers are:

    1. Sint Jozef Bosbier
    2. Milleneir 1992
    3. De Verboden Vrucht

    I'd like to know if they are anything special and most of all, are they still drinkable?

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    ship them to me and I'll let you know if they were any good

    probably ntothing special other than to a collector or someone who just wants to say they've got some cool "aged" belgians. but, hey, that's you! so have some good friends over and try them out.

    BTW, I had the privilege of tasting a 1994 Boon Kriek and it was hands down the best sour ale I've ever tasted. the cherry was still quite intense in fact.
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    All right! Thx for the post. I'll give it a try soon.

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    i dunno if you drink alot of beer, if you don't, they might not taste like what you're used to.

    try em like 2 or 3 times before you decide they're bad....unless they smell spoiled and then I'd prolly toss em.
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    Yeah, I drink a lot of different beers nowadays. I'm aware that these beers propably might taste something else for sure, but not bad anyway. I'm very curious and eager to try out what years can do to beers. If they are spoiled, I'll just toss them.


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    Try finding a current sample of each of these, and do a comparison.
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