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Thread: Less Favored Beers

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    Less Favored Beers

    Okay, Im making a poll, anyone who wants to vote on this all you beer experts lol On occasion i preffer the less-liked beers among most people, ive heard alot of bad rap about these beers but i actually preffer them sometimes, not always haha but some of what people think are the worst beers are sometimes the best in moderation lol, i been drinking so i thought i would post this, Vote on which of these less-favored beers you've aqquired a taste for:

    -Genesee (please specify, Ice, Cream ale, light or regular)



    -Miluakees Best (again specify, light ice or premium)

    -Natural Ice/Light
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    You should add the polling option to this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikegobrew
    You should add the polling option to this thread.
    And "None of the Above"
    I haven't had any of those beers in years if not decades. Seriously.
    For me a less flavored beer would be Sam Adams Boston lager or Guinness.
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    I used to love Genesee Cream ale and Little Kings Cream Ale. But i havent tried either since i discovered home brewing lol
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    None of the above-

    If I'm wanting session type
    beer i.e. drinkable lower ABV,
    there's still plenty of great
    beer to choose from. No need
    to have crap, choose craft.
    And for those of you who really don't like beer, there's AB, Coors and MillerSAB products.

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