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Thread: National Premium Formula

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    National Premium Formula

    I am looking for the Old National Premium formula, anyone know where I might find it?

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    My gut reaction is that if the new owners of the NP brand name can't track it down, you're luck isn't going to be much better. Even if you were to find it, it might not do you a whole lot of good unless you intended to brew it on a macro-scale. It probably involved high-gravity brewing, where a much stronger beer is brewed and then diluted when packaged (I don't know of a macro-scale brewer that does not use this technique as it allows you to get about twice as much production for a given brewery size). If you're intending to brew at package strength as either a craft or home brewer, the hopping rates would be too high for starters, and then you'd have a whole laundry list of other changes to make.

    Now here's the cravenly pragmatic part of my post. At this point, no one actually remembers exactly what NP tasted like at any point in its recipe evolution. Any actual beer preserved from that era is unlikely to taste anything like beer at all. Look at Christgau's article that I linked in a previous thread. If you read through his whole schtick, NP, on a good day, outshone every other mid-late seventies macro-brew. Pick a clone for a decent full-bodied euro-lager like Heinie or Becks, toss the 2-row and sub in about 75% 6-row and 25% flaked maize, maybe do something about figuring out that odd "minty hops" reference, and no one, repeat no one, will be able to tell you with any degree of certainty that you haven't resurrected NP. Case closed.
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    Looks like this guy found the version of the recipe for National Premium he wanted. Now he's looking for investors and a contract brewer.

    National Premium Beer Returns to Baltimore

    New Owner Poised to Return Company to Greatness

    Baltimore, MD. (September 7, 2011) – After over a decade absence from the Baltimore area, now owner Tim Miller is poised to resurrect the beer that dominated the region throughout most of the early 20th century.

    In December of 2010, Entrepreneur Tim Miller of Easton Maryland purchased the Trademark rights to National Premium and the rights to from Red Sky Brands at an auction in New York City's famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Since purchasing National Premium, Miller has been hard at work assembling the parts that will weave his company back into the fabric of Baltimore.

    The key to the brands return rested in Miller’s ability to obtain the original recipe.

    “I told myself when I bought National Premium that I wouldn’t move forward unless I was able to find the recipe that people used to know and love. There is a strong sense of nostalgia behind this beer, and I have every intention of bringing that feeling back to Baltimore,” said Miller.

    Since obtaining the coveted formula, Miller has broken ground on the process of bringing this famous beer back to life. In the coming months he plans to unveil a new website to supplement a variety of media appearances including: Fast Company Magazine, American Pickers on the History Channel and Baltimore Beer Week.

    Today, National Premium has unveiled a redesigned logo. This logo serves as a stepping stone on the road to complete brand recreation. In addition to the new logo, Miller plans to unveil his new website in early October.

    Miller has recently initiated discussions with several local and regional brewers, along with a host of investors, in the hopes of having National Premium ready for distribution by the start of baseball season next year (April, 2012).

    Only place I've seen the Press Release so far is at BeerAdvocate, however.
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