Festival of Czech Beer in Prague:

Prague's annual Festival of Czech Beer takes place every year in May and runs for over 2 weeks. The festival has been growing in size since 2008, the first year the festival was organized in Prague.
The Prague Czech Beer Festival is held at Letnany Exhibition Center. Three beer tents, all with servers dressed in Czech traditional costumes, help create a festive atmosphere. Live entertainment is also a part of the festival.

Beer at the Czech Beer Festival:
Over 80 Czech beers are featured at the Czech Beer Festival in Prague. While the most famous names in Czech beer - like Krusovice, Staropramen, and others - can be tasted at the event, the beer festival is a great opportunity to try lesser-known Czech beers. An effort has been made to include smaller breweries and harder-to-find beers.
Food is also served to wash down all that beer, including meat, cheeses, soups, and bread.

Czech Beer Festival Practicalities:
In the past, there was an admission fee to the Czech Beer Festival. In 2010, admission was free. However, beers must be bought with tokens rather than Czech korunas; these tokens can be purchased from servers. The Letnany Exhibition center can seat about three thousand guests, but if you don't want to have to worry about finding a table or are coming with a large group of friends, reservations are accepted.
More information about the Prague Beer Festival can be found at www.ceskypivnifestival.cz