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Thread: Beer Trade Etiquette

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    Beer Trade Etiquette

    I was just wondering how beer trades usually work(money,sending it out, what's a good number of bottles to send out etc.)

    Is it legal to mail beer in the States?

    What other advice can you give me when it comes to beer trading?

    Any help would be great!
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    not really legal to mail bottles, but if you are, try to get one of the 12pk boxes that the "beer of the month" clubs use. they have segmented hard-foam forms for each bottle. from there it's easy to ziplock the bottles individually and then drop styrofoam peanuts into... then place the lid.

    I've traded with a fella on here twice and he sent his trades back in the box i used.
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    A member of Beer Advocate who goes by the name "alewatcher" has a website about how to trade beer at

    There are active beer trading communities within both the major beer website of BeerAdvocate and RateBeer, with specific forums dedicated to setting up trades and finding partners.

    Note that shipping beer via the US Postal Service is against the law, and it's also against the law of many states (not that most states would bother prosecuting in the quantities beer geeks trade). It's also against the regulations of Fedex and UPS, but that's very different than breaking a Federal law- just don't tell 'em what it really is.
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    +1 with Jess.

    I've always used UPS. I tell em exactly what it is. Live Yeast Samples. That's how it's sent to me in the first place.

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