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Thread: Maize to 2 Row

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    Maize to 2 Row

    So I'm going to brew a beefed up ale version of the pre prohibition lagers. I'm obviously not going for a spot on recipe here, I'm just wondering how much 2 row I need to convert the maize. What's highest percentage of maize that will convert. If I can do 4 to 1 maize to 2 row, I will. As you can see below, I'll be doing a mini mash.

    6 Gold LME
    4 Flaked Maize
    3 2-Row
    .5 Caramel 40

    1 Northern Brewer 60
    1 Cluster Cone Hops 20

    German Ale Yeast

    ABV 8.8 %
    IBU 27
    SRM 9
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    I've never pushed a base malt convert more than its own weight in adjuncts. Not that it can't be done, I'm just not sure what the limits are, and they will vary between malts. For a pre-pro, you might be better off with a 5-row. 6-row in general has more diastatic power than 2-row, plus it's more historically accurate for what that's worth.
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    Yes, I agree, try using 6 row (Millrat had a typo where he said 5-row).

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    Agree use 6 row for the more American flavor and better conversion.
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    It's good to see you back Vance. I figured you were so famous and busy autographing books you had forgotten us little guys from your old neighborhood.
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