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    One of my all time favorite beers is Full Sail Amber in the early 90's. I no longer live in Portland, and I do not know if the quality has drifted, or changed, but nothing has ever matched the balance of flavors that I used to experience from their six packs of this style back then. It had a rich and roasty maltiness, and exceptional balance of mild bitterness and subtle hops aromas that made my sore arms and hands work overtime (To lift the bottle!...wasted from holding onto the boom windsurfing in the gorge). There was also an elusive roasted flavor that combined with the hops in a way that is hard to describe. I used to call is a smudgy burnt flavor. As I said, hard to describe!

    I will probably never be satisfied that I get that flavor in my amber, but I will try periodically. Here is what I did this weekend:

    22 lbs Two Row Briess
    2 lbs C50-60
    2 lbs CaraAmber (Weyermann)
    1/2 lb Pale Wheat (Weyermann)

    I brought the wort to ~ 10.5 gallons in the brew kettle and got 1.060 (OK), so brought it up to 13 gallons and started. I think that the mash temperature will be crucial in achieving the right balance of fermentables and non-fermentables. This time, I hit about 153-154F, and went 75 minutes. It had cooled to just barely 153 after 75 minutes. We'll see.

    Hops schedule:
    1 oz Willamette leaf (75m)
    1 oz Cascade leaf (30 minute)
    2.5 oz mixture of Willamette and Cascade (flameout)

    When the wort was nearly boiling, I put the first hops in
    1 ounce Willamette leaf (a.a. 6.2%)

    about 45 minutes later, I added 1 ounce Cascade leaf

    30 minutes later, I turned off the burner and added 1 ounce Cascade, and 1.5 ounce Willamette leaf.

    I let it steep with periodic stirring for about 5 minutes, and began to fill.
    O.G. was 1.054

    This just went down yesterday, but this morning it is going strong. I will update with taste report in about 6 weeks.
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    Sounds pretty good, but why add a pound of wheat? for a 10 gallon recipe it won't really add much.
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    Just a half pound of wheat... I didn't use this last time (first brew!), but took advice that wheat stabilizes the head (this one advertised as such). We'll see. But I agree, and hope in fact, that it won't add much.

    At the moment, I am enjoying a second Northern brown ("darkened pale ale"). I am so glad I have another primary of this working in the basement. It hits pretty malty on first taste, but the smooth swallow, and roasty finish tells me, "You need more, Andrew." It has an imperial character, but without the uppity alcohol content. My guess is 7.0-7.2%. I overshot slightly on the mash temp, so it also got more body as a result. This adds imperial character. I will bottle a few Corky. Wait.
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    Almost ready

    This Amber has been quite active for 3 weeks! One of the primaries was a short fill, and it settled down first, so I moved it into a secondary and will move that into the refrigerator for clarifying later this week. O.G. was about 54 as I recall, and it is near zero now. The aroma coming from the primary was just awesome! This will be the best batch yet for me. I can all ready tell.

    I really like Cara amber adjunct. I got it from Midwest. This was a simple recipe, with light hops additions early, and much more at flame out (2.5lb mixed Cascade/Willamette). I could easily detect what it did. Nice!

    I will be especially interested in whether the pale wheat adjunct does what it was supposed to-stabilize the head.

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