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Thought I'd post this here since it's completely self serving. We've got a new iPhone app any true beer dork should find useful. It's called BeerFridge and, in short, it helps you manage all the beers in your life, and do a whole lot more. Press release below, or check it out here:



New BeerFridge iPhone App Now Available

BeerFridge keeps track of your beers—it can even pick out a beer for you

Madison, WI (October 12, 2011) – Ever wanted your iPhone to pick out your beer? Now there's an app for that: BeerFridge from Gossamer Machine Technologies, available now in the App Store.

Aimed at beer connoisseurs, BeerFridge is the ultimate tool for keeping track of all the varieties of beer you have, whether they're in your kitchen refrigerator, aging in your cellar, or sitting on ice in the cooler on your porch. With BeerFridge you can manage the number and location of your beers with descriptive information like style, ABV, and your personal rating and notes. Sorting and search tools make finding that perfect beer a snap. With options for advanced statistics like IBUs, original gravity, and terminal gravity, BeerFridge is perfect for both casual beer drinkers and hardcore beer afficionados.

Since no one wants to enjoy their beer alone, use the built-in social networking feature to tell your friends about all the great beers you have via email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can save your list of beers in "the cloud" so everyone can see the great collection you have.

Best of all, BeerFridge can pick a beer for you! With a mind-numbing array of great beers in your fridge, it can be tough to choose which one to enjoy. But with a simple shake of your iPhone, BeerFridge will make the choice for you!

BeerFridge is available now in the App Store: