A MAN held for transporting a huge amount of alcohol that included 340 crates of beer was found not guilty of smuggling charges after a Swedish court accepted that he 'drinks a lot.'

The 23-years-old man was stopped by customs officers as he entered the town of Helsingborg, in Sweden's southwest near the border with Denmark.

When questioned, the man - who was not named - first refused to say how much alcohol he had in his vehicle, then admitted to carrying 40 crates of beer, news website The Local reported.

However, officers discovered the man was transporting a total 2,357 litres of beer, 158 litres of pre-mixed drinks, 12 litres of wine and 15 litres of spirits.

The man was arrested last October and charged with alcohol smuggling.

However, the Helsingborg District Court ruled it was plausible that the man's booze haul was intended for personal use.

The court calculated that if the man, his father and other family members drank 1.3 litres of alcohol five days a week, they could finish the entire load within a year.

The court ordered the cargo of alcoholic beverages - which had been confiscated - to be returned to the man.