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Thread: Detroit Beer: For Craft Beer Week

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    Detroit Beer: For Craft Beer Week

    Detroit Beer: For Craft Beer Week, Celebrate With The Best Brews At Local Spots

    Itís a fact: some of the best beers in the world are made right in Michigan, a good thing to keep in mind during American Craft Beer Week.

    Hunting down a local craft beer shouldn't be too hard. Fans of Bell's, a brewery on the west side of the state, rest easy knowing Oberon can be found in six-packs at liquor stores and on tap at many bars in the summer months. In fact, Bell's was the seventh-best selling craft beer maker in the country last year.

    Earlier this week, the brewery opened a $20 million expansion of its production facility near Kalamazoo, according to MLive. The local expansion is one sign of craft beer's rising success on a national scale. There are now more than 1,000 new breweries in development nationwide.

    There's all sorts of good beer news on the far side Michigan: Grand Rapids just tied Ashville, N.C., in a widespread online poll for the title of Beer City USA.

    But you donít have to drive west, or to Asheville, to get great craft beer. There's plenty of breweries in Detroit and the metro area.

    For this yearís American Craft Beer Week, celebrating small and independent beer producers, weíve put together a gallery of some of our favorite local brews and the best places to drink them. If you're a beer beginner, take a second to read up on the different varieties and go out and try some beer -- for America, and Michigan!

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    Kuhnhenn and Dragonmead are very close to my work. Both excellent brewerys. And Kuhnhenn's has a brewshop that will sell grain, no matter what kind, by the pound or ounce. Very cool.

    I'm going to take my wife to the Traffic Jam, and since they are gonna be on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive's that shouldn't be hard to talk my wife into at all!

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    When is that episode airing?

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    I have no idea. Maybe it already did?

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