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Thread: Are we getting a new look?

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    Are we getting a new look?

    I saw this at probrewer. I thought there might be a chance that a member(s) here could be interested.
    Olgethorpe is screening me!

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    No, we're not getting a new look, we're just getting older. Wrinkles are "in" now!
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    Man, remember the shock when the "Red" site turned "Blue"?
    It took a while for that change to sink in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mill Rat
    No, we're not getting a new look, we're just getting older. Wrinkles are "in" now!
    Aging; anybody who's anyone is doing it these days.
    Two ciders please, I'm thirsty!

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    Not a "new look" to begin with, but an updated version of the software. We'll do that first at Pro Brewer, then here.

    We hope it isn't too disruptive.

    If all goes well, then we can start thinking about a new look, recognizing so many people want (easy to read) mobile access, stuff like that.

    Welcome to 2012. And you thought the whiz-bang new Mosaic hop would be the only cool thing happening this year.
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