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Thread: Milkshakes made with beer

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    Milkshakes made with beer
    Milkshakes made with beer headline Charleston RiverDogsí creative concession items
    By Mark Townsend | Big League Stew
    Over the years the Charleston RiverDogs of the South Atlantic League have become one of the standard bearers for creative concession items in minor league baseball. It sounds like that reputation will only grow in 2013 as food and beverage director John Schumacher is set to add a whole new lineup of items that are sure to be pleasing to the paying customers at Joseph P. Riley Park.
    According to Benís Biz Blog, Schumacher has already been credited with the creation of the Pickle Dog, Pig on a Stick and several other items that have changed the way food and beverate are consumed in Charleston. Now heís prepared to add milkshakes ó yes, milkshakes ó that are mixed with beer.
    Or as Schumacher calls them: beer shakes, because itís catchy and itís accurate.

    Itís noted that the beer shakes will come in three flavors: Palmetto Espresso Porter Chocolate (which Schumacher says come from a local brewery), Guinness Caramel and Sweetwater 420 Strawberry. Itís also insisted that all three are delicious.
    We have no reason to doubt that.
    But thatís not all. There will be also be Moonshine Magaritas for those looking to enjoy an adult beverage at the park.
    On the food side, Schumacher will introduce a Peanut Butter and Jelly Jalapeno Bacon Burger, which you can view below, along with Fresh Fried Pork Rinds and Pork Cracklins.
    Iíll be honest, the Pork Rinds and Pork Cracklins are more in line with something Iíd be willing to try, but IĎm not sure IĎd survive any of the food items.
    By the way, you can find out more about what the Charleston RiverDogs will be serving this year by checking out the entire piece over at Ben's Biz Blog. He has the whole menu covered extensively and with many more delicious photos. Go take a look.
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    Very nice article i couldn't even imagine something like that i mean making beer milkshake with something like that lol but this article shows that it is possible,I can say i am finding some really new stuff from this forum.

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    I plan to try one out next time I venture down the Charleston.
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    That's cool buddy

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    Try beer floats with Lindemans"Lambics". The kriek and framboise make great ice cream floats with good vanilla ice cream.
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