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Thread: WTK: Adding Coffee & Cacao to Recipe

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    WTK: Adding Coffee & Cacao to Recipe

    I am planning an imperial coffee porter with cacao.

    The large batch recipe calls for 3 pounds of coffee and 2 pounds of cacao per barrel. If my math is correct, the multiplier for 5.5 gallons is 0.1774 (3*(5.5/31)*16).

    For 5.5 gallons, I plan on:
    8.5 ounces of coffee
    5.7 ounces of cacao nibs

    First, does that seem excessive for a 5.5 gallon batch?

    Second, what is the best way to add the coffee and cacao nibs? Iíve read about cold pressing the coffee and vodka soaking the nibs and looking for opinions on which is the best way to extract flavor without astringency. Others put both into the primary, secondary, or keg. Iíve also read about a brewer soaking the cacao in vodka and hitting it with a blender/processor to emulsify the batch.

    Normally my batch size is 5.5 gallons to net 5 gallons in the keg; however, with the introduction of coffee and cacao, I may need to adjust the batch size to account for the extra volume or potential loss due to absorption.

    When cold pressing coffee, is there a ratio of water to crushed coffee? Do you use all of the liquid or condense it down to a slurry?

    The same goes for the cacao.

    Is there a disadvantage to adding the coffee and cacao slurry to the chilled fermenter or is it best to do it post-fermentation.

    Looking for your best practices Ė please chime in.

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    I used coffee and cacao nibs in a batch back in '09 that I still have a few bottles of. Turned out fantastic. I used 2oz of raw unsweetened cacao nibs in the last 15 minutes of the boil as well as 3oz of Belgian Bittersweet Chocolate. 2oz Sumatran coffee at flameout. Then I added 2oz Cold Brewed Kona coffee to secondary. If you add coffee grounds at flameout, be advised it will foam up fairly well. I would also use muslin bags for the grounds and the cacao nibs if you use a ball valve to transfer to the fermenter. I didn't and it was a horrible clogged up mess. If you transfer via a racking cane, it might not be that bad, but I would still use the bags I think. Cacao nibs will add bitterness. 5.7 oz seems like a lot to me.
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    I use about 5-6 ounces of coarsely ground coffee, steeped overnight so the grounds settle out. Carefully pour the liquid through a fine strainer into the keg or bottling bucket. I can't help with cocoa, I've never used it in beer.
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