Alabama Homebrew Bill Passes Senate

May 8, 2013

Dear Alabama American Homebrewers Association, Brewers Association and Support Your Local Brewery Members:

The Alabama homebrew bill HB9 was unexpectedly brought up for a vote before the Senate last night and passed 18-7 with one abstention!

The bill now goes to Governor Bentley.

Your Action Is Needed Now
Please call (334) 242-7100 or email Governor Bentley’s office today via the online form. In the form, fill out your contact information, select “Legislative Session 2013″ from the “Email Concerning which Issue” field and briefly and politely ask the governor to sign HB9, the homebrew bill, in the “Comments” field.

It is important that you make this contact. The states’ prohibitionists will be asking the governor to veto the bill. We must overwhelm their numbers.

For more information, visit the website of Right to Brew, a grassroots group of homebrewers that have led the legalization effort, for more information.

Thanks to everyone who contacted legislators to get us to this point. Your action has made a difference. Thanks also to bill sponsors Representative Mac McCutcheon and Senator Bill Holtzclaw for supporting the state’s homebrewers.

Please forward this message to other Alabama residents/businesses that may be interested in supporting homebrew legalization.


Charlie Papazian
Brewers Association

Gary Glass
American Homebrewers Association