Press release:

(Dover, NH) – One Love Brewery and 7th Settlement Brewery are proud to announce its plans to open a co-operative brewpub in Dover, New Hampshire.One Love Brewery has partnered up with The 7th Settlement Brewery to co-purchase, build and share a custom made 7-barrel brewery premise, located downtown Dover at 47 Washington Street. By forming this alliance, two very different brewers will be able to share the same brewing premises, equipment, over head expenses and even marketing tools such as pint glasses and coasters. Both beers will be sold side by side at the bar and Growlers will be available for sale to go.

One Love Brewery’s founders, Brew Master Michael Snyder and business partner Jennifer Riley, plan on offering rotating styles of beers. Because of limited fermentation space at start up, both breweries will focus on ale style beers. Ales take about 3 weeks to produce, where as a lager can takes twice as long. One Love Brewery will focus on small size high-end artesian beers. “Since we are sharing a space and helping another brewery, both of our beers style will change to complement each others offerings. It’s going to be interesting for sure!”

“One Love means different things to different people.” Says Snyder. “For us, it’s about the love of being connected with the out doors and the positive experiences it provides for us. We are firm believers in creating our own life experience; we go after it, one day at a time. We try to keep everything local when ever possible or feasible. We are in a very special, beautiful place in New Hampshire, and we want to enjoy everything from the shore of the Atlantic to the summits of the Presidential Range.”
“I have been brewing professionally for over 16 years. It is now time to focus on making a go at my own brewery, doing what I do best, making world-class beers! By owning a portion of this brewery, I don’t have to own all the equipment or pay the entire overhead myself. By partnering with 7th Settlement, we have become “sister breweries.” I will help them establish their brands under The 7th Settlement name as well as make my own beers, under the One Love Brewery name. We have aligned ourselves with great people at 7th Settlement Brewery and we are excited to open with them in late fall of 2013.”

Join our thirst!

Cheers and thank you for your support!

~Michael Snyder & Jennifer Riley~