South Australian beer lovers can now get it on tap at home with Lion's new "tap kings" range of mini-kegs for the fridge
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Will a piece of the fridge bring peace in the home? That's the hope of the brewer Lion which next week launches a range of mini-kegs which will give drinkers the taste of tap beer in the comfort of their home.

The 3.2 litre "tap kings" have been designed to sit in the middle shelf of a typical home fridge .

"That's a part of the fridge that's normally hard to get at and so using it for beer won't cause any friction in the home," Lion's South Australian head Jake Parkinson said.

The tap king consists of a reusable dispensing head into which the drinker attaches a 3.2litre bottle of beer which is bought separately.

Once plugged in, the beer should last for 21 days while it is poured using the tap without having to be taken out the fridge.

"Tap King is borne out of an opportunity we saw to enhance the ritual of drinking beer at home," Lion's national marketing director Matt Tapper said.

"It's targeted at men over the age of 30, a group we know appreciate the taste and ritual of draught beer but due to work and family commitments, spend more time relaxing and enjoying a beer at home."

The $33 tap king device will be sold at bottleshops from next week. Initially six Lion brands will be available at prices ranging from $33 to $48 for a twin pack.

The brands are XXXX GOLD, Hahn SuperDry, James Squire's Golden Ale, James Boag's Premium, Tooheys New and Tooheys Extra Dry.

The pricing makes the beer more expensive than buying a slab but Lion believes the superior taste of draught beer and the fun of pouring your own tap beer - will entice consumers.

Bottleshops already sell 5litre Heineken home kegs but Lion argue these take up too much space so are only bought for special occasions.

The move also targets changing consumer behaviour. Lion's own research shows nearly 70 per cent of alcohol is now consumed at home.

There also has been a growing trend of beer drinkers buying less but paying more for better quality.

Lion launches the system next week with a quirky advert starring Lionel Ritchie singing his classic Hello, is it me your're looking for?