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Thread: Boiling Surface Area

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    Boiling Surface Area

    I am going to make 10 gallons of beer in my 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker this week. I usually use a converted keg for 10 gallon batches. Does anyone know if I need more water in my boil for the Boilermaker, because of its large surface area? I am worried about the losses of water due to evaporation. Need to hit my gravity!

    I thought there might be someone in the forum who has some experience with varying surface areas because of different boiling vessels.

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    Surface area is a primary determinant of evaporation losses - at room temperature. Those losses are pretty negligible over the hour or so you're boiling the wort and chilling it. Of far greater importance when boiling the wort is the heat input. Pretty simple physics - the more heat energy you supply, the greater volume of water will make the leap from liquid to gas. If you're going to use the same heat source following the same practice, expect your evaporation/boiling losses to be nearly the same regardless of which brew tun you use.
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