A young man, early 20s, who is a friend of our older boy is here for a visit. When he arrived, they went food shopping. He came back with some SA beers and making fun of the Shock Top my boy purchased. My boy is not a beer drinker. I have not clue as to why he brought that home. So I asked our guest if he would like to try some different beers and he said yes.

So tonight, I brought home a sixer of mixed styles. My work does a build your own 6 pack thing. We sat down and sampled them. I told him what the style was, had him taste, and tell me what he thought of it and describe it. Then I told him what the characteristics were for the style. He came quite close to a few of them in his description. He enjoyed them and we had a nice visit as we samples the beers. I was also smart and picked breweries that are available where he lives. I hope I have jump started another craft beer lover.