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Thread: Pale Ales

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    Pale Ales

    Recently had opportunity to compare the Widmer w/ the Kirkland, where the latter failed miserably by contrast

    ....yet apparently belied by the some of the following records from the Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society's famous Beer List

    Widmer Bros Drifter Pale Ale, Portland, Or 4.9/4.9; 4.1/5.3

    Kirkland Pale Ale/handcrafted ale, Ca 3.7/4.4; 8.3/6.6; 6.5/7.9; 6.9/3.9; 4.9/4.5; 4.8/5.4; 4.9/4.1; 5.8/5.2; 6.6/4.0; 3.5/5.4; 3.7/3.2; 8.0/6.6

    What's your opinion and do you generally prefer Widmer products over Kirkland

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    I don't generally get either, I just don't tend toward getting alcohol at Costco/Sam's club. Good review though
    Two ciders please, I'm thirsty!

    On deck: Soon Cider
    Fermenting: None
    bottled: Old and dusty something rathers
    Secondary: None
    Kegged: Carbonated Water (enjoying home made soda syrups)

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    Good review though
    Why thank you Buck, you've made my day, what's left of it anyhow

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