by Kiri Tannenbaum

A typically fun beer drinking contest in Spain ended in tragedy this year when the winner of the contest suddenly dropped dead.

The New York Daily News reports that the champ, Joaquin Alcaraz Garcia, downed six liters of beer in 20 minutes before he started vomiting. Just 45 years old, he died soon after he arrived at the hospital. Onlookers thought he may have suffered from alcohol poisoning.

Witnesses told The Local that Garcia, who was obese, had lifted the trophy, then started "to vomit without stopping" and he "never spoke again." One man who held Garcia upright said, "He started to vomit in his chair." Garcia's victory chug of six liters is equivalent to nearly 2 gallons of beer.

The mayor of Gea y Truyols, Josť Manuel Gracia, denied repots that Garcia consumed six liters, saying it was more like two or three liters. Local authorities suspended the rest of the festival celebrations in favor of a mourning period.