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Thread: When beer worlds collide, or don't

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    When beer worlds collide, or don't
    by Stan Hieronymus

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    A bar manager at a gastropub begins a column in the Burlington Free Press with a story about sneaking in and out of a liquor store to buy a six-pack of Red Dog. I didnít know that MillerCoors still made Red Dog, but then thatís not the point of ďRemember when beer was fun?Ē

    Instead Jeff Baker describes a place where I would have no interest in drinking.

    Thereís been a weird movement in the craft beer world thatís polarizing the beer scene: If you like craft beer then you must hate macro-beer. If you like macro-beer then youíre not one of us; youíre just a poser or at best an ignorant neophyte.

    Is this really happening in Vermont? I donít think Greg Noonan would approve. In fact, Baker doesnít seem to be focusing on Vermont.

    I see this blind us-against-them attitude expressed frequently online and mostly by the ďfansĒ of craft beer. These Craft Beer Crusaders troll the forums of and, lambasting anything that isnít craft, micro or nano.

    The ramifications?

    How did craft beer end up on this dead-end road to self-destruction? All this anger, all this negativity is going to destroy the movement and only serves to delegitimize the cause of brewing beer with flavor.

    Again, really? This is not my beer world, although lord knows I am by almost any definition a beer geek. Saturday we paid $50 a ticket to attend the Midwest Belgian Beer Festival, one of the events that kicked off St. Louis Craft Beer Week. Granted, it costs about that much to park for two hours in New York City, but that price caused considerable discussion here in the Midwest. It turned out to be a deal.

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    I believe that one reason is that while the marcobreweries don't speak out against craft beers publicly, they pull sneaky behind the scenes tactics. I can and have on this board told a couple AB beauts in this area alone. I think another reason is that we are not subjected to the amount of advertising by micros as compared to marcos, some of which is misleading if not down right lying. Their drinkers seem not to speak out as much I think due to the fact as a whole they are not as informed or passionate about beer.
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