The world's first ever Craft Beer Cake Mix is now available in San Diego. And I need your help to get the funding to start shipping.
Craft Beer Cake Mix - The Short Story
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Hi. I'm Misty Birchall, the owner founder, and over-all badass who started baking craft beer cupcakes in San Diego over four years ago, also known as PubCakes. Iíve learned that a small business can shift and change more than Iíd ever thought possible. Iíve done it all, delivered cupcakes, catered weddings, organized beer gardens, owned a cupcake shop, sold desserts at farmerís markets, and yes been featured on Cupcake Wars (Who knew you would get voted off for serving beer cupcakes to Girl Scouts?). My next PubCakes project is actually my favorite, I have taken my unique beer cupcake recipes and developed Craft Beer Cake Mix -- and thatís where you come in.