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Thread: WALMART and beer

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    WALMART and beer

    Here is an article about Walmart selling beer. Any thoughts?
    Olgethorpe is screening me!

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    I still refuse to shop at China Mart.
    A Bud/Miller/Coors is like a Kardashian- no taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animal View Post
    I still refuse to shop at China Mart.
    I am with you on that thought.
    Olgethorpe is screening me!

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    After being put in a choke hold by a security guard at Sprawlmart when my beeper (yes, that was about 20 years ago) set off their theft tag detectors *after* it had also set it off on my way into the store and I showed the beeper to a manager, I have never set foot in there again. It turned into quite a scene when I flipped said guard over my back onto the floor, refused to go back to the store offices, and sent the now-sheepish manager through the detectors with my beeper (setting them off again) walked through the detectors myself while the detectors kept silent, retrieved my beeper, and walked out, never to return.
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    ouch. nice hit though.
    Two ciders please, I'm thirsty!

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    That would be awesome to see. I go there on rare occasion but when I do I look for the people from the emails and can usually find quite a few at any given moment. lol
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    It does my heart good to see all the people who are avoiding Wal-Mart. Nice to know that there are others out there who don't feed the evil empire.

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