Dogfish Head Ancient Ales Brunch tix are on sale... plus PNC beer

The Firestone Walker PNC Beer is on draft right now!
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As promised, a reminder about the PNC Beer. The PNC, or Publican National Committee, was founded a few years ago by some like-minded beer bar owners from around the country. As near as we can tell, it was just an elaborate excuse to get drunk, smoke cigars, have a really over-the-top annual dinner, and to goad some top brewers into making them beer. Nevertheless, when Tom Peters and Fergus Carey from Monk's Cafe in Philadelphia, Chris Black (no relation) from Denver's Falling Rock Tavern, Matt Bonney and Matt Vandenberghe from Brouwers Cafe & Bottleworks in Seattle, David Keene from the Toronado, and the late, great, Don Younger from Portland, Oregon's Horse Brass Pub nominated us and Jesse McCann from the Apex in Portland for membership in this little gang, well... how could we say no? So, a couple of years ago we all (along with a handful of beer industry heavyweights who shall go unnamed so as to preserve their professional reputations) converged on the town of Paso Robles, California, and somehow among all of the aforementioned activities coerced FW brewmaster Matt "Batman" Brynildson into making a beer as outsized as the appetites of the PNC members themselves. The result is the PNC Beer. At 13.7% abv it is the strongest production beer that Firestone Walker has ever made: a huge imperial stout brewed with buckwheat and then aged 13 months in tequila barrels. They bottled 450 cases and kegged a little less than 20 barrels of the PNC beer, and split it up between the 6 member bars (so we have a lot of it!) which are the only places on Earth that you can find this beer. We are serving it on draft right now, and we have 22oz bottles for sale for $30. We have to remind you that our license proscribes against selling bottles to go; we are working on getting that changed but in the meantime, you gotta drink it here. The generosity of the supply was only outdone by the generosity that David Walker, Adam Firestone, and Batman showed us that weekend in Paso. The fact that we had such a great time helping make such a great beer is icing on the cake. Come on out and try some.

Toronado San Diego
4026 30th Street, San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA 92104