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Thread: Beer Caps/Crowns needed for Beer Cap Table

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    Cool Beer Caps/Crowns needed for Beer Cap Table

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to the site and saw posts from awhile ago offering caps for collectors. I was wondering if anyone had any beer cap collections that they would be willing to get rid of for free. I'm making a Beer cap table for my older brother and still need a lot of caps for it which has been a challenge getting the amount I need. Just figured I'd ask! I could pay for shipping as well.



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    Try bars. Towards the end of the night they may have a bin full of caps from the days' activity. I know we do at the golf course I work at.
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    Yeah I have gotten some from a bar but the others I tried either kept forgetting to collect them or would tell me to come in near closing at 2am. I might just have to try and do that and get them when they close, before they throw them out. Thanks though

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