Lost Abbey Cable Car draft & bottles tonight starting at 6pm
Come out and get yourself some...
in 2007, Lost Abbey head brewer Tomme Arthur made a beer to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a certain beer bar in San Francisco. It was called Cable Car, and it turned out pretty good. Much to the continuing surprise (and delight) of the proprietor (and us) of said beer bar, Tomme has made a new version of this beer every year since. Well, the 2013 edition is here, and Tomme & David Keene will be debuting/ enjoying it at the Toronado in SF tonight, and we at the Toronado sur are fortunate to be able to offer it to you here in San Diego as well. We're tapping a keg that should yield about a hundred 6.5 oz glasses at 6pm tonight, as well as selling bottles of this excellent (trust us; we're having one right now), golden, barrel-aged sour ale for your enjoyment on the premises only (for more on that, see below). We will be tapping another 5 gallon keg on Wednesday November 6th for San Diego Beer Week so don't despair if you can't make it in tonight.

On Friday afternoon at 3pm, we're tapping a cask of another great beer brewed for yet another Toronado San Francisco anniversary, this time their 25th: a big, Nelson-y double IPA from our friends at Alpine Beer Company called Keene Idea IPA. You've been drinking this amazing beer on draft at the bar this week, come out and check out the cask-conditioned version this Friday. It could settle your nerves before you watch the 6th game of the NLCS, if that's something you can identify with. We'll keep the Alpine theme going Friday with a keg of Nelson and we'll make sure Hoppy Birthday is on tap as well.

That brings us to Sunday. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and for the last couple of years Natalie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing Company has been doing her part by raising funds for the Sutter Breast Care Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Last year, Natalie raised over $75,000 through a month-long series of events, raffles, and the proceeds of husband Vinnie's beer, Framboise for a Cure. We are (again) fortunate to have a 1/2 barrel keg of this amazing and rare beer in our walk-in. We'll be selling the 6.5 oz glasses while they last starting at 11:30 am on Sunday for $10 a glass. The proceeds from the sales on Sunday (and it won't last 'til Monday) will go to Sutter Breast Care Center. We also donate a dollar for every pint of Pliny the Elder that we sell during October, so don't be shy; have a Pliny! It's delicious, and we've got plenty.

Further out, a rare and exciting cask from Modern Times on Tuesday, a cask of Alpine Hoppy Birthday later in the week, and a full accounting of our SD Beer Week shenanigans coming your way soon. We'll see you here at the Toronado for some great beer.

Re the Cable Car off-sale that so many of you have asked us about: we have a restriction on our license that prohibits the sale of beer for off-premise consumption. It is not a disciplinary restriction, just something that we felt we had to agree to in order to open our doors almost 6 years ago. We are attempting to have this amended, and we're pretty confident that the SDPD, who have been very cool to us (because our patrons are cool and we therefore don't cause them a lot of problems; thank you!) will agree to lift it. But not tonight. The good news is that we have a good amount of the beer, and that it keeps well! We'll keep you posted as things develop and as to how we'll deal with selling rare beers to-go in another email. Thanks for your understanding.

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