Grayton Beer Company, established in 2011, is set to begin brewing its own brews in South Walton.

Following almost 11 months of construction, five trucks delivered nine stainless-steel fermentation tanks to the brewery site Monday morning. The vats were moved by a crane and lifted into place by Tuesday. And by November, the county's first locally-brewed beer will be flowing from the state-of-the art brewing equipment.

The largest of the nine vats holds 22,000 pints of brew, resulting in 8,000 barrels of beer per year, and enough capacity to brew the equivalent of 150,000 bottles of beer at a time. In addition to the 18-foot fermentation tanks, additional vessels will arrive to store and manage the hot and cold water needed to produce the beer.

The brewery will feature a tasting room and tours will be given.

"We have been looking forward to this day for some time now," said Jamey Price, the company's founder. "We are starting to see our dream of an independent craft brewery emerging in South Walton."

The company's two beers that were introduced in 2011 have been previously produced in central Florida.

"We always had the intention of working here and wanted to base Grayton Beer here. It just took 12 months longer than anticipated," said Price. "It's exciting. My wife and I wanted to do something local that helped dig our roots into the community."

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