A Columbus, GA man rushed back into a burning building to rescue several cans of beer on Thursday. According to WTVM ABC Channel 9 News, Walter Serpit was sitting and watching television with six adults and two young children when the fire broke out.

Everyone evacuated the house, but then Serpit who walks with a cane turned around and went back in.

I went back into the house like a dummy, he told Channel 9.I told them to get the kids out and everything, and me myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer out. You feel me?

Once inside, a mounting backdraft caused the front door to slam shut behind him. Nonetheless, Serpit was able to retrieve several still cold cans of beer from the refrigerator and escape unhurt.

Fire personnel are blaming a newly installed water heater for the blaze. Firefighters warn that no one should ever run back into a burning building for any reason once they are outside.

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