What do these two have in common

Alone, a first tasting the other day: While we're not even sure it should be called beer, it has achieved some scores of "acceptable" (3.0) or better,

Redbridge Gluten-Free Sorghum Beer, Mo 2.7/2.6; 3.0/3.2; 3.0/1.9; 3.0/1.6; 2.4/1.5; 2.7/1.1; 3.4/2.0

..I would describe it as bland

Though my second, Anchor California Lager (a new one, on me at least) hasn't yet been further scored, we're looking forward to the next tasting of the Greater Southwest Beer-Tasting Society. My initial impression if not bland, at least not assertive. However, we won't know for sure until its tasting by chance proves first of a session because it might be one of those scoring high on the basis of subtlety

For any unfamiliar with standards of the GSBTS, of which I'm Recording Secretary, we use a nonlinear scale of 0-10 in 0.1 increments where 3.0 is acceptable, 5.0 is excellent, and 10.0 is virtually impossible