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Thread: SD - This week at the Tornado

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    SD - This week at the Toronado

    You've had plenty of time to recover from SDBW; let's get to it:
    We're starting off the day here with 3 fresh kegs from this years GABF Mid-Size Brewpub of the year winner Beachwood Brewing in Long Beach, CA. We're pouring the gold medal-winning Foam Top cream ale along with Hop Ninja and Melrose IPA's. We've got a lot of great beers on, including over twenty different IPA's as well as some interesting stuff from the likes of Craftsman, New Belgium, and the excellent Coconut Imperial Red from the (LA) South Bay's Brewery at Abigaile. This is fine drinking weather, come take advantage of it! A good night for one of our grilled Flatiron steaks as well...
    Tomorrow is the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and that means another exciting installment of Drinkabout! We'll have a ton of great draft beer specials all night, and you can see what the other folks are doing by clicking below.


    And lastly, in true, timely, Toronado style, we're having a mini Kwak-vemberfest (yes, it probably should have been Kwaktoberfest. Oh well.) featuring a keep the glass night with Belgium's Brouwerij Bosteels' Pauwel Kwak on draft. The glass that everyone loves to steal will be available for real, in both single and quattro versions this Thursday starting at 7pm. Stay tuned for more info on that. That's all for now, we'll see you here for a beer.

    Toronado San Diego
    4026 30th Street, San Diego, CA
    San Diego, CA 92104
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